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Cryogenic Tanks

Cryogenic tanksTanks, pipes and vessels operated at very low temperature, eg - cryogenic temperatures between -10oC and -280oC - pose different problems for the owners and operators of such equipment. One basic rule is "when the structure has reached operating temperature, do not allow it to return to ambient temperature". If the structure is oscillated through such thermal conditions, each major oscillation can reduce the structure's safe working life by as much as ten years. Access to these vessels is often difficult, as many have twin walls, protective bund walls, various types of insulation techniques and even include being buried. Acoustic emission techniques are well suited to these applications and can be used for regular inspection and vessel integrity evaluation. With data from a series of tests, an estimate of the remnant life of the vessel is possible. Since plant and equipment which operates in cryogenic conditions are subjected to sometimes unsuspected applied stresses, these structures benefit from long-term or permanent monitoring. Using the latest Metacoustics techniques, this is now a realistic economic and technical reality.