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Whether it be pressure vessels, large mining equipment or structures such as bridges and dams, the Metacoustics' Acoustic Emission (AE) technology can provide the data needed to ensure safety is the first priority.

The sensors provide vital data over long periods so faults can be detected at an early stage. The results are recorded continuously for evaluation on a continuous, hourly, daily or as-needed basis. There is minimal need for scientists or technicians to be on-site because all data can be retrieved and analysed remotely, or at an on-site facility. This approach can be used to plan and prioritise ongoing maintenance and repair of structures to prevent their failure as it provides an instant structural integrity evaluation and an estimate of the remnant life of the structure.

Prime applications for this technology are in the mining industry where monitoring draglines alone can save millions of dollars, in industries using pressure equipment that may develop faults, and in monitoring bridges for weaknesses that could lead to structural collapse.

Over the next ten years, growth in the mining, petrochemical, transport, pipeline and bridge construction industries will exceed 50% and will ensure a ready market for this innovative technology.

Metacoustics has been recognized internationally by professional groups in Japan, Europe, Asia and America, as a world leader in this technology. This technology can be made available to customers through a service contract with Metacoustics, by leasing dedicated AE equipment, or as direct sales in some cases

ATS LogoBy induction into the Australian Technology Showcase, Metacoustics Pty Limited is acknowledged as a World Leader in both Research and Application of Acoustic Emission, Micro-Seismics, Structural Integrity Evaluation and Remnant Life Prediction of Structures
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